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Brandon Keith Biggs brandonkeithbiggs at gmail.com
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The next version of WCAG is being developed and there is an open call for
people to give feedback on the guidelines. Games are totally included in
the WCAG, but I am not sure how many game developers have given their input.
So if you are a game developer developing for the web, please sign up to
give feedback!

Brandon Keith Biggs <http://brandonkeithbiggs.com/>

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Subject: [WebAIM] Something to Say About Accessibility Standards?
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Call for Stakeholders for a major update of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility

The W3C WCAG Working Group’s Silver Task Force invites submissions of names
of people, groups, or organizations (including yourself) for consideration
as stakeholders for a future guidelines version. You can submit as many
names as you want. Please use the following form to submit names before 9
December 2016:

cKFJL_ahIwIcbHao7qOZLyDy-w/viewform Shortened Link http://goo.gl/QeYbOl

Contact Silver TF publicly archived email list at public-silver at w3.org if
you have a problem accessing the form.

What is this all about?
WCAG 2.0 has been very successful and has provided better access to the web
for people with disabilities than was available in the past. At eight years
old, WCAG 2.0 is ready for a major update. We know that involving more
people, robust feedback, and a thoughtful process we can improve access for
people with disabilities further and provide a clear and usable standard.
We want to hear from a broad, international set of stakeholders, we want to
hear from you!

The Silver Task Force plans develop a Stakeholder Map. The Stakeholders
will be able to provide input into the research for designing Silver. Some
opportunities for input will be short (like a survey or participation in a
group discussion), others may be longer (like an interview or a request to
log their use of WCAG), and it will be up to the stakeholders to determine
how much time they are able to invest in the feedback opportunities.

About the Silver Task Force
The objective of the Silver Task Force is to perform preliminary
development of a new version of Accessibility Guidelines. Code-named
"Silver", these guidelines will address the process of making content and
functionality accessible to people with disabilities, including the roles
of content authoring, user agent support, and authoring tool support. These
guidelines will provide a base for continued evolution of accessibility

For more information about the Silver Task Force see

About the WCAG Working Group
The mission of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG
WG) is to develop guidelines to make Web content accessible for people with
disabilities and to develop and maintain implementation support materials
for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

About the Stakeholder Map
Stakeholders are the people, groups, or organizations who have an interest
or a concern about Silver; those affected by the change from WCAG to
Silver; or those who are interested observers of accessibility standards.
The Stakeholder Map is a process to clarify and categorize the various
stakeholders, their relationships, and their interests in order to build a
diverse and quality resource of input into the Silver project. We will use
the Stakeholder Map to identify people to interview, survey, comment on
prototypes, and generally advise the Silver design project. We expect the
Stakeholder Map to include a large number of stakeholders from around the

Sarah Horton
UX Strategy Lead
The Paciello Group
603 252-6052 mobile

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