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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri Oct 7 02:56:05 EDT 2016

I remember  Richard van Tol I think long ago talking about interactive
fiction (e.g. adventure game books). Idea was to give them a tap any where
to interact interface. So you could play the game whilst the device was in
your coat pocket for example, with no cause to look at the screen.

E.g. Spoken: "Do you want to board this train?" (tap once for no, twice for
yes.... or looping spoken options "yes.....no.......yes......no.....pause
menu.....yes......no......", reacted upon once you tap the screen).

This could be playable by switch users to in this way.

Ideally, the stories would have Twine like variety/imagination and not be
Tolkien/Blade Runner/Mad Max inspired drudgery.


On 6 Oct 2016 23:18, "Krzysztof Dobosz" <Krzysztof.Dobosz at polsl.pl> wrote:


in the frame of my work at the university, I give course about mobile games
development. In the practical part, next week I am going to start about 15
short-term (three months) student projects. The goal of each is to develop
a small mobile game for Android OS, which will be fully accessible for
blind users. So, I am looking for ideas for smart, fun, nontrivial games. I
will be grateful for any assistance (topics, short descriptions, something
what blind users want to play, etc.). Results (successfully developed
applications) will be available for free.

kindly regards
Krzysztof Dobosz
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