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Chad Philip Johnson chad at anacronist.com
Mon Sep 5 18:35:35 EDT 2016

This is from Fiddlesticks' press release, which can be read in its 
entirety here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0J0P8hq5lzdUmdOSkFmVWhPV3M

/Key Features:/



    /Unique colour-matching mechanic, offering a new twist on the
    classic platformer./


    /A heartfelt story that touches on themes of love, loss, existence
    and remorse./


    /A world full of lively characters to talk to, each with their own
    personality and story./


    /Stark silhouetted art style with bright, bold colours./


    /Over 30 original music tracks, composed exclusively for Hue. /


    /Professionally voiced narration by Anna Acton and Matthew Wade,
    some of the UK’s best television talent./



    /*Full colourblind support, using symbols as a colour aid.*/

  * //

    /Razer Chroma, Corsair RGB plus many more coloured LED devices
    supported on Windows/

So it doesn't look like the company made a big fuss about its colorblind 
support:  the detail was just thrown in as a bulletpoint.

That said, if you go to the video options menu, the "COLOURBLIND" 
setting is at the top of the list: 

This may be the reason why the feature is getting so much press.

On a sidenote, I downloaded the game tonight and played it for a bit.  
The color masking is a really neat gameplay mechanic.  I also opted to 
leave the symbols on because they don't get in the way at all and 
actually help a bit.

Chad Philip Johnson
Anacronist Software

On 08/31/2016 09:55 AM, Ian Hamilton wrote:
> Hue just launched with a symbol-based colourblind mode for its colour 
> based puzzles:
> https://twitter.com/huethegame/status/770241746370498560
> Which is nice in itself, but the interesting thing about it is the 
> wide coverage it is getting in the games press - comments in many 
> reviews, all positive obviously. I don't think personally that I've 
> seen an individual feature be covered by so many journalists before:
> https://s18.postimg.io/4uq0boo3b/makephotogallery_net_1472566116.jpg
> That's simply from mentioning it in the feature list in their 
> presskit, nice to see accessibility resulting in lots of mainstream 
> press positivity.
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