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There has, in December a waiver for games software was granted for a one year period until Jan 2018. The full text talks about the reasons in detail but it's in basically due to unsolved technical barriers such as speech-to-text in online multi-player, and that the industry has been making increasing amounts of progress on accessibility of gameplay itself, outside of CVAA.

But it is a bit different to the previous waivers, as there is now a reporting requirement.

At the six month point the industry must report back on each of these areas, with the general aim of increasing dialogue, I.e. more clarity between industry/FCC/advocates on how things are progressing and what difficulties there might be.

ACS here refers to 'advanced communication services', which is the language CVAA uses to refer to communication in digital tech.

(i) The extent to which ACS functionality in gaming software is advertised, announced, or marketed to consumers;

(ii) The extent to which ACS functionality is designed to aid game play and the impact that removal of the ACS features would have on the video game play experience;

(iii) The technical challenges that must be resolved to make ACS (voice and text chat)
features on video game software accessible, with greater specificity;

(iv) The efforts, innovations, and progress that ESA members have made toward addressing
technical challenges and developing accessibility solutions in consultation with individuals with disabilities;

(v) A list of the disability-related consumer organizations with whom ESA has consulted
since the start of this waiver period; and

(vi) ESA members’ specific plans to conduct outreach and consultation with members of the disability community during the remainder of the waiver period and beyond (e.g.,
including focus groups, and panelists who have disabilities at ESA member-hosted
conferences and summits).

Full text of the order:



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Hi all, Has there been any word about the CVAA update related to the last waiver from ESA? Best, Thomas _______________________________________________ games_access mailing list games_access at igda.org https://pairlist7.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/games_access The main SIG website page is http://igda-gasig.org
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