[games_access] Accessibility Feedback Tool

Gemma Thomson gemma at kaludoscope.com
Thu Mar 9 10:13:44 EST 2017

Hello all,


Further to the SIG roundtable at GDC (and in the sincere hopes I'm not
jumping any guns here), I'd like to follow up in regard to the notion of an
accessibility feedback tool. For those who weren't present: a few of us got
to talking about a feedback form and/or database of accessibility feedback,
flowing from game players to game developers and publishers. A few ideas
flew around, such as:


*	having said database hosted by this SIG, in the interest of sharing
knowledge amongst industry;
*	keeping the tool open for indies and large studios alike by way of
an easy deployment tool (examples might include presskit()
<http://dopresskit.com/>  or distribute() <https://dodistribute.com/> ,
primarily from Vlambeer)
*	having this start as a relatively small-scale project, not least to
ascertain how much work it would actually take to maintain.


As a relative newcomer to the SIG and this mailing list I'm not entirely
sure how these things are usually done, but if there's a project team to be
made then I'd like to help where I can, and lend some 'indie' input! Perhaps
a bunch of us could get together in a Slack channel or something?


Also as I say, I apologise if I've jumped a gun and there are perhaps
minutes from the roundtable yet to come.



~ Gemma

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