[games_access] Usability feedback

Berg, James jamesberg at ea.com
Thu Mar 9 20:53:04 EST 2017

Karen is the far better point person for this, as I have no ability or good platform to provide this feedback to EA teams. I'll be fighting the good fight here, particularly with trying to centralize our accessibility tools in the Frostbite engine, but I'm definitely not up to being a gatekeeper for the torrent of feedback that would result from this 😊

I'm also very, very leery of having people able to provide feedback, but not having any method of acting on that feedback or messaging back to the community that we're doing something with that feedback. I imagine it'd be worse to have someone ask for feedback and be ignored than it would be to never have a formal way of providing that feedback in the first place

User Experience Research
604-456-4587 (#14587)

How about just a third party tool as an initial MVP to test the waters with - e.g. google form+sheet?

Still need to get the round tablers who wanted email sign-up added to the system, would definitely be worth bringing up again once both Karen and James are on the list as they both seemed pretty keen.


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