[MacLoggerContest] Cab-converter(TM) version 1.00 available

B. Scott Andersen bsandersen at mac.com
Tue Mar 22 22:25:04 EST 2005

Fellow contesters,

Version 1.00 of Cab-converter(TM) is now available.
This is a utility that may be used for FREE as per
the legal section in the manual.

You may access a Stuff-it archive of the distribution
from the public area of my iDisk. From the Finder,
Go->Other User's Public Folder...->
and in the member name dialog box enter "bsandersen".

Unstuff the archive and READ THE DOCUMENTATION.
Begin with "index.html" in the manual folder.
(I'll likely make this all much nicer as I go but
I wanted to get this out before the CQ WPX SSB
contest this weekend.)

This is the first generally available version. It has not
been tested much. Please check for updates immediately
after this weekend's contest.

This software is presented AS-IS and for FREE. I am not
going to attempt any weird licensing system. I am making
this statement here: the program, its design, and all my
work over the last 18 months on this program is mine.
Please use it, please enjoy it, please don't steal it,
reverse engineer it, pass it off as your own work, alter
it, or any of the other nasty things people have tried
to do to software in recent years.

This is my gift back to the community that has given
me so much pleasure. Please don't make me regret it.
Thank you... and see you in the contests!


-- Scott (NE1RD)

B. Scott Andersen    | "Magic is real, unless declared integer."
bsandersen at mac.com   | -- The collected sayings of Wiz Zumwalt
Acton, Massachusetts | Ham: NE1RD, QRP ARCI#11588, FP#-910

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