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60x60 Dance presents two brand new multimedia performances, each featuring
60 compositions and 60 choreographies layered with video for a whirlwind
hour of contemporary art and music performance.

60x60 Dance will take place at Galapagos Artspace in Dumbo, Brooklyn on
Tuesday, April 7 and Wednesday, April 8 at 8 PM. $10 admission

Brooklyn, NY – Galapagos Artspace is thrilled to once again host 60x60 Dance
– a multimedia extravaganza pairing 60 composers with 60 choreographers for
an electrifying tour of today's music and dance styles. Envisioned by 60x60
project director Robert Voisey and choreographer Jeramy Zimmerman, these
one-of-a-kind performances consist of 60 modern dance pieces set to 60
different and brand-new one-minute compositions, making unusual and
unexpected use of the space in Galapagos. Expect a full immersion
experience, with dancers climbing out of the waters, onto the walls,
dangling from balconies and sometimes even taking the stage. Dance
influences include postmodern, ballet, dancehall and more while music ranges
from electronic to ambient, neo-romantic, jazz, pop and text-sound. Each
night features a different hour of music and new set of choreographies.
60x60 Dance will take place on Tuesday, April 7 at 8 PM and Wednesday, April
8 at 8 PM. Galapagos Artspace is located at 16 Main Street in Brooklyn, New
York. Admission is $10.

a masterpiece of organization. The idea — 60 new dance pieces are
performed to 60 new pieces of music, each lasting no more than 60 seconds —
is quite mad. But it’s this kind of madness that makes the cultural world go

-Roslyn Sulcas, The New York

Eclectic by nature, 60x60 Dance offers an unmatched diversity of aesthetics,
styles and techniques, making for a fast-speed, exhilarating event which
never ceases to surprise. Music selections for the Galapagos performance
have been culled from an international pool of emerging and established
composers, and then assigned to an equally varied mix of New York-based
choreographers assembled by Jeramy Zimmerman.

Composers for Tuesday include: Ivan Zavada, CDZabu (collective), David
Hahn, Scott Smallwood, Christopher Cook, Maggi Payne, Balie Todd, Arthur
Gottschalk, Cheryl Leonard, Sam Pluta, Aaron Drake, Stephen Betts, Alan
Shockley, Asha Srinivasan, Laurie Spiegel, Paul Burnell, Aaron Acosta, Cindy
Cox, David Shannon, Polly Moller, James Bohn, Joan La Barbara, Nicole Kim,
Ronald Keith Parks, Jennifer Griffith, Dylan Mattingly, Rodney Oakes,
Erdem Helvacioglu, Gina Biver, Dwight Ashley, Liana Alexandra, Marc Barreca,
Xiting Yang, Mark Vernon, Andra McCartney, Jordan McLean, Robert Dick,
Katrina Wreede, David Newby, Ian Dicke, Carolyn Yarnell, Nicolas Chausseau,
David Gunn, Andrew Cole, Agnes Szelag, Charles Norman Mason, Margaret
Schedel, Ann Cantelow, John Biggs, Greg Dixon, Tony Higgins, George Brunner,
Eldad Tsabary, Lynn Job, Marita Bolles, Robert Voisey, Stuart Hinds, Monroe
Golden, Stan Link.

Choreographers for Tuesday include: Tobio, Chris Masters, Michelle Mantione,
Emma Cotter, Caitlin Trainor, Sara Greenfield, Rachel Wynne, Alberto Denis,
Erin Pride, Isabella Bruno, Rodger Belman, Joanne Kim, Song-Hee Lee, Becky
Radway, Malcolm Low, Matthew Westerby, Esther Palmer, Amiti Perry, Jessica
Gaynor, Cary Curran, Meghan Snow, Yeonseon Yoo, Emily Bufferd, Kelly
Buwalda, Karen Kriegel, Jessica Williams, Rob Bettman, Ginger Cox, Dance
Visions, Julie Fotheringham, Sara M Procopio, Rachel Grater, Kristin
Hatleberg and Renee Kurz, Brittany Whitmoyer, Carlos Cruz Velazquez, Kyra
Johannesen, Sasha Soreff, Kim Blanchard, Veronica Carnero, Jeramy Zimmerman.

Composers for Wednesday include: Adam Caird, Alphonse Izzo, Doug Geers, John
Schappert, John Maters, Christian McLeer, Thierry Gauthier, Melissa Grey,
Marcel Gherman, Zachary Kurth-Nelson, Chris Mann, Noah Creshevsky, Olivier
Tache, Graziano Lella, Ken Steen, Jay Batzner, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, Henri
Algadafe and Philippe Vernier, Andrew Eckel, Thomas Bailey, Gintas
Kraptavicius, Mike McFerron, Sophie Lacaze, David McIntire, Serban Nichifor,
Sabrina Peña Young, Leslie de Melcher, John Allemeier, David Morneau, Jeff
Morris, Michiko Kawagoe, HyeKyung Lee, Rodney Waschka II, Helen Nattrass,
David Cutler, Brad Decker, Tim Mukherjee, Al Margolis, Drake Mabry, Anne
van Schothorst, Jane Wang, Gene Pritsker, Tim Reed, Dorothy Hindman , Iris
Garrelfs, Travis Johns, Stephen B. Rothman, Ivan Elezovic, Joelle Khoury,
Cynthia Zaven, Bill Ryan, Simon Whetham, Tuan Hung Le, Andrea Vigani,
Panayiotis Kokoras Melissa Riker, Tilmann Dehnhard, John Pitts, Ben
Bierman, Monique Buzzarte, Benjamin Boone.

Choreographers for Wednesday include: Jessica Bonenfant, Abigail Levine,
Krista Jansen, Colette Brandenburg, Chloe C. Douglas, Jacqueline H. Kook,
Jian Dai, Aja Graves, Lila Salhov, Jil Guyon, Amelia Uzategui Bonilla,
Sundara Duncan, Tamora Petitt, Jen James, Evangeline Reilly, Andrea Skur,
Erin Jennings, Marija Krtolica, Rodger Belman, Caron Eule, Becky Radway,
Laura Shapiro, Jen Painter, Patty Arrieta, Montes, Carlos Cruz Velazquez,
Ashley Friend, Tina Croll, Emily Bufferd, Nicole Speletic, Jocelyn Soulet,
CJ Holm, Kelly Hayes, Alison Rootberg, Catey Ott, Storme Sundeberg, Amiti
Perry, Wenchu Yang, Kelly Buwalda, DaDaDance Project, Atwell Dixon, Chie
Mukai, Victoria Brown, Alexis Hosea, Emma Cotter, Esther Palmer, Hee Lee,
Malcolm Low, Alaine Handa, Jordan Marinov, Kaoru Ikeda, Germaul Barnes,
Melissa Riker, Jenni Hong, Hettie Barnhill, Chris Masters, Jeramy Zimmerman.

Conceived by Vox Novus, 60x60 Dance is a collaborative series whose mission
is to produce and disseminate new music to a large and diverse audience.
60x60 debuted in New York in 2003 as an electroacoustic "tape" concert
featuring 60 short electronic works. Since then 60x60 has organized dozens
of concerts in the U.S. and around the world, promoting the work of more
than 1000 composers. The November 2008 60x60 Dance performance at World
Financial Center’s Winter Garden was widely attended and met with critical
acclaim. It has also expanded to include yearly collaborations with other
media, including video, photography, films, sculpture, and dance. Among
recent concerts and collaborations are Canadian Mix (October 2008, Toronto's
Nuit Blanche and Halifax), Midwest Mix (October 2008, Electronic Music
Midwest), 60x60 Video (September 2008, French TV), and 60x60 Dance
(September 2008, Galapagos). Every year, a CD is released to archive and
preserve the music. The current discography includes 60x60 (2003) on
Capstone, and two double-albums (2004-2005 and 2006-2007) on Vox Novus.

60x60 Dance is presented by Galapagos Artspace, who believes “the most basic
function of the arts is to be relevant in the advancement of society.”

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