[casual_games] Procedural rendering - again

Jonas Beckeman list at jobe.nu
Sun Jan 8 06:56:09 EST 2006

The Word Shake graphics, which I really like, made me think of this again.
Last time when I brought it up on this list I was surprised by the silence.

I thought downloadable/browser game developers would be extremely interested
in procedural graphics (be it vector-based such as Flash or pattern/texture
generators) because of the significant decrease in download size it can

Maybe everyone has already got toolsets that are good enough, but I doubt
they have it *all*. Is there e.g. a complete Flash renderer in the PopCap
engine? Do you have versatile procedural creation tools like werkkzeug1?

If I was a downloadable game developer, this would be one of my top
priorities. Is it not for you?


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