[casual_games] Procedural rendering - again

Gabriel mystml at adinet.com.uy
Sun Jan 8 14:18:25 EST 2006

        I thought downloadable/browser game developers would be extremely interested
        in procedural graphics (be it vector-based such as Flash or pattern/texture
        generators) because of the significant decrease in download size it can
        If I was a downloadable game developer, this would be one of my top
        priorities. Is it not for you?

As a developer, engineer and geek, yes it is. If I had infinite time I'd
explore procedural content generation (textures, cities, entire virtual
worlds), directly rendering SVG or SWF, and many other cool things.

However, I don't have infinite time, so I have to choose what do I do
with my limited time. Designing and making a game is a *huge* amount of
work, and I'm not even counting the also huge amount of work done by the

So on one hand I could spend my time developing the tech and tools to
make procedural graphics and SVG and whatnot and have a download size of
2 MB. OR I could actually make a game, use the standard "brute force"
approach and have a 10 MB download. Of course it's the second one that
pays the bills :)

Bottom line : yes, it would be cool to do. No, it's not a priority. Of
course, if you make games as a hobby, your priorities equation may be


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