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SCOTT HANSEN shansen at udgames.com
Tue Jan 10 11:05:23 EST 2006

Played around with the numbers last night... and came to the conclusion
that one key piece of data is missing. In fact, it's the only real piece
of data that's needed in the end... units sold. The ranking within the
top ten has no standardized unit of measure, thus the number one game
could represent 100 units sold or 100,000 units sold, making it too
generalized to be of any deterministic value. It is, however, great for
marketing hype and, of course, it feels good when your game goes to
number 1...

I do like the turn-over numbers you have, tho... I've also been
following the sites, and have noticed the increased churn. It will be
interesting to watch in the coming months.

Scott P Hansen
Game Designer, MumboJumbo
shansen at udgames.com

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>> Interesting data from James Smith's Real Arcade article... 
>> only there's a fundamental flaw in the presentation of that data... 

You bring up some good points. Those are things I did consider but
have any good solution to.  

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