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I'll be lazy and instead of testing it myself ask:


How does JPEG 2000 compare in file size to PNG?


On 1/10/06, Alex Saveliev <alex at j2k-codec.com> wrote:
> Hello Phil,
> Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 6:08:53 PM, you wrote:
> PS> I used the ImageReady component within Photoshop for regular JPEG
> PS> compression (initially I was using ImageMagick, but I found ImageReady
> PS> superior).  For JPEG 2000, I was using some Photoshop plug-in - the
> first
> PS> one in the google list, I guess.
> Well, hard to tell anything specific here... :)
> The general rule of thumb when using JPEG2000 is - do not use
> any extras if you don't really need them. The standard is rather
> overloaded with features (the committee tried to please everyone :)
> so these extras can add some overhead.
> You should not use tiles in J2K - most of the old JPEG artifacts were
> the tiling artifacts (as you know, JPEG compresses images as 8x8
> tiles and ignores anything that's beyond, creating discontinuities).
> Don't use JP2 file format if you don't use alpha (one of the major
> reasons to use JPEG2000 instead of the old JPEG :) - use J2K instead.
> Make sure the compression is not Lossless (unless intended).
> And so on :)
> P.S. If anyone here wants to test JPEG2000 compression on his typical
> images - I will be glad to help. Just send the original to me (not
> huge, please :) and I'll compress it into several J2K/JP2 and JPG
> files and send you back.
> mailto:alex at j2k-codec.com
> JPEG2000 is not limited to backgrounds only. I store sprite animations
> with full alpha channel in JP2 files. Works perfect compared to
> uncompressed raw files...
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> Best regards,
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