[casual_games] Procedural rendering - again

Jonas Beckeman list at jobe.nu
Tue Jan 10 13:54:00 EST 2006

> JB>> I also wonder what people use for animation compression
> We have just started using FLASH for this in some cases for 
> our games in development. It includes a very nice video 
> codec.

I was specifically thinking about *extracting* frames from e.g. Flash's VP6
video. I doubt (but I don't know) that you could have e.g. 50
simultaneous/separate VP6 video streams playing, some going backwards or
jumping between frames, and still have a decent framerate.
Is it possible to extract frames from Flash video to be used as sprites (er,

> JB>> [AGG vectors] Doesn't go well with your graphical style, 
> or is the
> process cumbersome?

> Is that a question or a statement?

Let me rephrase that: You say you use vector graphics only rarely. Is that
because normally they don't go well with your style, or because the process
to create/use them is cumbersome?

> The tool in our engine

You mean the runtime vector drawing library? That's AGG, right? I looked it
up, it seems very capable. I'm investigating if I can use it for my Flash


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