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Just as an aside; has anyone looked at using Thatcher
Ulrich's GameSWF player? The main thing I saw missing
last time I played with it was the ActionScript
support, the rest works pretty good. Not to mention
it's free, and far faster than flash?

The main page:

The CVS rep:

There's also a little postmortem of it's use here:

Would love to hear feedback!


> We embedded a flash player in the game rather than
> relying on the installed
> flash player. It is very inexpensive to license. 
> But it does increase the
> distribution size by nearly 1 MB.  We obtained a
> license from Macromedia to
> distribute Flash8.ocx but we also purchased a
> library called "Flash player
> Control" from Softanics to make it easier to
> interface with Flash and get
> access to the bits of the frames.
> James C. Smith
> Producer: Ricochet xxx, Big Kahuna xxx
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> > We don't use Flash to draw the animation to the
> screen.
> > We
> > extract the frames out of flash and draw them to
> the screen ourselves
> So you have a VP6 decoder in your runtime? Is it
> expensive to license (they
> don't say on their website)? Or do you require Flash
> to be installed on the
> system and use the external interface to decode VP6
> content to memory areas
> somehow?
> I find both solutions very interesting, please
> share!
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