[casual_games] Software Toys Industry?

Jason Van Anden jason at smileproject.com
Thu Jan 12 10:18:44 EST 2006

I have been developing a soft-game/art/toy hybrid that is similar in
its principle to "Electroplankton" just reported on in Wired:


Electroplankton evolved from art installations, as does the thing I am
currently creating (and almost ready to release).

Is Electroplankton an exception - or is the industry starting to reach
out to fine/studio artists for fresh ideas?  As a an artist, I am
usually a bit intimidated about making contact because the two resumes
I have are for art and the software industry, not specifically related
to the games industry.

I started lurking on this list after a game I wrote as art was
reported in Wired last year ("Farklempt!") - and to my complete
surprise got a bit of attention in the games press.

Suggestions super appreciated.

Jason Van Anden

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