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Meaningless is a pretty strong word in this case.


There are two big reasons to have information regarding the performance of
titles in the market.  First, to be able to exploit consumer preferences by
making games people are more likely to buy and second, to convince someone
that the market is large enough for you to exploit consumer preference.


The lists don't provide any direct information regarding market size.  We
might be able to occasionally take a release like "this game sold X units"
and spread that across its positions on various lists for some period of
time.  But otherwise for this data we need to look to other sources.


I find those lists pretty suspicious myself but they absolutely give us
hints about how to exploit the market.  Either they are somehow indicative
of downloads or sales.  Daily, total, last hour, etc.  Or the listings are
completely based on the whim of the portals in which case they are primarily
feeding the momentum of top selling titles and occasionally showcasing new
releases that the portal either believes in or negotiated as part of some
deal with the publisher (or self publishing developer).


There are one or two messages embedded in those lists.  "Consumers think
these titles are hot" and/or "Portals think these titles are hot."   As
business men these are two very important things to know when evaluating
market trends.  In fact, if we had some cold hard sales figures available to
us we would use those figures to derive things like "What titles consumers
think are hot" and/or "What titles portals think are hot?"


If anyone needs me I'll be over here in the land of Pretendyadontneedmath
hugging a tree.






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Yea, without real measurments that are compatible between the portals the
numbers we can derive will be of pretty minimal value.


Without a 'box office' measurement it is meaningless.  We need hard numbers,
either quanitity of transactions or total dollars.  The console and
mainstream/hardcore pcs games biz has the same problem, though they can
shell out to IDC to get some fairly meaningful numbers.  We don't have that
ability yet. 


I'm glad people are working on the problem though.

On 1/15/06, Lennard Feddersen <Lennard at rustyaxe.com> wrote: 

As has been previously noted - it would be awesome if one of the larger
portals were to put some actual download or sales #'s to all of this. 
Heck, anybody on any of those lists could let the rest of us know how
their title fared on one portal and we could extrapolate from there
based upon grabbing some likely conversion rate.

As a developer without a top ten hit, in a non-silicon valley money 
environment, it's hard to show the money guys a complete picture without
having one.

My 2 cents,

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George Donovan wrote:

>Ron www.Gamefiesta.com also has a top 10
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>Here is a list of the Top Casual Game Downloads I compiled.  This list is
>made up of the top downloads from Real Arcade, Yahoo Games, Oberon Games,
>MSN, iWin, PlayFirst, AOL and Big Fish.
>The computed rank is horribly flawed in that is gives equal weight to all
>portals and who knows that these "top games" lists really are.  If there
>other portals that should be on my list (or ones that should not), let me 
>know.  I have to compile this data by hand, so I'd like to stick to the top
>10 portals.
>If this proves interesting over the next few weeks, I'll start dumping it
>into a database that can be displayed on the web and queried. 
>The raw data file can be downloaded at:
>If anyone has a better formula for computing rank, please let me know.
>is hard.
>Mystery Case Files     25
>Family Feud    23
>Luxor: Amun Rising     23
>Bricks of Atlantis     22
>Tumblebugs     22
>Mah Jong Adventures    19 
>Wheel of Fortune       18
>Diner Dash     17
>Aloha Solitare 16
>Magic Match    13
>Scrabble       12
>Acropolis      10
>Bookworm Delux 10
>Jewel Miner    10
>Egg vs. Chicken        9 
>Fish Tycoon    9
>Gem Shop       9
>Mah Jong Towers Eternity       9
>Jigsaw 365     8
>Pizza Frenzy   8
>Big Kahuna Reef        7
>GameHouse Sudoku       7
>Gold Miner Vegas       7 
>Hexalot        7
>Mirror Magic   7
>TriJinx: Kross Mystery 7
>Lost City of Gold      6
>Mah Jong Medley        6
>Poppit 6
>Slingo 6
>Subwat Scramble        6
>Bejeweled 2    5 
>Chess Master Challenge 5
>Greedy Words   5
>Jewel Quest    5
>Lingo  5
>Roller Rush    5
>Digby's Donuts 4
>Letter Linker  4
>Poker Superstars       4
>Tradewinds Ledgends    4 
>All Star Football      3
>Granny in Paradise     3
>Mah Jong Quest 3
>Magic Vines    2
>Oasis  2
>Sudoku 2
>Super TextTwist        2
>Atlantis       1
>Luxor  1
>Ride the Tide  1 
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