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James Gwertzman james at popcap.com
Sun Jan 15 21:04:58 EST 2006

The IGDA Casual Game SIG is working on this, although it's a lower
priority behind some of our other initiatives. This was specifically
listed in a recent interview with the IGDA casual game SIG quarterly:

Industry-wide top 100 billboard.

Nearly every other entertainment industry (movies, books, traditional
games, etc) has some sort of industry-wide "billboard". I think it's
high time we had one in the casual game space. Not only would this help
smaller developers "get noticed" more quickly, but it would also help
our industry as a whole get more PR attention from mainstream media.
Think about how often you see articles like "Star Wars captured the #1
slot for the 10th week in a row" in the mainstream press - that's only
possible because there is an official list to work from.

Here is a link to the quarterly:

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