[casual_games] Re: Why did exclusive distribution deals break dwonbetween stuidos and theatres

Miguel Oliveira oliveira at bluefish-media.com
Thu Jan 19 13:32:49 EST 2006

Considering that casual games are basically part of the bigger PC-market, 
NPD might be taking care of our worries soon...
if the publishers/portals go along, of course.


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_Juan asked -
_"This is a very interesting topic, and also worth mentioning 
_that the Movie business dealt with the same problem in the 
_first 4 decades of existence. We should dig down in the 
_history of the movie business and find out when studios broke 
_down exclusive distribution deals with theatres, and why."
_The studios used to own the theatres or vice versa (by the 
_way, everyone who goes on about the similarity between the 
_movie industry and the game industry should go read "The Big 
s&v=glance) by Edward Epstein. It is very informative for a number of
_This was ended by a major anti-trust case that I believe was 
_settled in the '60s.... which could be another reason to 
_encourage more open data sharing... to avoid the impression 
_that the game portals/publishers have too much market power.
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