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Hey Everyone

Since this is the Casual SIG, I just realized that most of you don't know
who Ben is. Well, Ben is very cool and has done a lot of work to solidify
the Serious Games side and you should all help him out!


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I'm the chief content organizer for the upcoming Serious Games Summit @ the
Game Developers Conference this year in San Jose.

The Serious Games Summit looks at applications for games, game technologies,
etc. outside of the core entertainment field.  Of  
course advergaming and marketing with games is part of this domain.   
Social messaging is another clear use of games for non-entertainment

This year we're organizing a block of 4 hours devoted to advergaming/
marketing with games.  I am looking for speakers to present during this

I'm hoping you or someone from your firm would be interested in providing
any of the following on either March 20 or March 21, 2006 in San Jose.  Each
speaker accepted gets a FULL speaker pass to the entire Game Developers
Conference which is a great value.

Here are the ideas we're looking for

20-30 minute case studies of a successful advergaming project you completed
30 minute talks about the demographics of people who commonly play
advergames 30 minute talk on product placement within games (either from the
advertiser or developer view) A talk about in-game advertising systems and
how they work Examples of marketing to gamers through LAN events, or other
gamer- specific avenues Uses of games for social and non-profit messaging
Political advergaming

And we're open to other great ideas as well.

If you are interested send me an email with a few quick thoughts and  
which of the two days (3/20 or 3/21) you're most interested in.   I  
will respond quickly to approve strong ideas and get you slated for what
should be a good event.


Ben Sawyer

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