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Hi Matthew,



Thanks for your reply. In addition to the summary numbers that will be
distributed to the people who participate - DFC Intelligence and the Casual
Games Association will be releasing a mini-report with all the information
we think will be useful to people trying to learn more about the space.


One of the reasons we are working on this report is we feel it will be
useful to get the word out about how great casual games are!  As such, you
will be able to see the high level numbers that would be need to make the
decision to move into the space. 



Also - don't forget that casual games can be distributed many different
ways: retail, download, online, handheld, console, XBLA etc. So if you are
creating casual games that are being distributed traditionally (that is in
retail) then you can still participate.



I hope that answers your questions, holler back if you have any more.


Jessica Tams

jessica at ckyco.net

c: +1 206-778-5134

f: +1 866-835-1275


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This is good to hear!


Neither I in my own efforts or the company I work for qualify as "casual
game industry companies currently commercially selling product in any
territory." Auran sells games in the traditional mould thus far. But I am
investigating on behalf of Auran expansion into the casual games market. To
do that, I need to make a good business plan and to do that I need some of
this market data! Ooo, catch-22. :-)  Can an entity not yet selling casual
product still get the report? What other contribution could be made in order
to get access?




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Hi Everyone,


I apologize for not posting this information before, but we weren't prepared
at the time to release information.


DFC Intelligence and the Casual Games Association have been working together
to create a industry wide report to track trends and marketing data in the
casual games space.


DFC is an independent research firm- who has agreed to aggregate and analyze
sales data for us and release summary numbers to the participating companies
a summary report free of charge to the community. The Casual Games
Association nor anyone in the entertainment business will be accessing any
of the raw data.


You can read about the requirements and purpose of the initiative along with
contact information here:


We waited for a critical mass of portals and distributors that would
contribute before asking publishers and developers for information to ensure
we would receive a full cross section of data. We have a full opt-in from 2
major portals with an additional two major portals who will be participating
on the condition that all the other portals participate. We just have a
couple more portals to approach, but we are confident we will be able to
gather enough data to make an accurate report.


This initiative is independent and complementary to the work that James and
the rest of the IGDA SIG board is spearheading to standardize reporting. The
execution of the project will be organized by Craig Holland on behalf of the
Casual Games Association and Alexis Madrigal on behalf of DFC Intelligence.


We hope that you will find the time to participate. The time required to
complete the data request form should be minimal - you do not need to change
any of your current process or data reporting, just fill out a small xls






Jessica Tams

Casual Games Association


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