[casual_games] Casual/Mobile Games and RIAA, MPAA

John Viguerie clubvig at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 17:31:44 EST 2006

The music biz needs a new digital product that can
command more than the .99 price of a lossy digi-rip. 
The tv/movie biz is scared to death that the same
culture of ripping and trading that has decimated the
RIAA will soon be visited upon the MPAA member

The casual/mobile game technology formats and business
models offer some compelling financial and market
benefits to popular music and movie brand owners.

This is an exercise to test the current and
extrapolate the future relationship between
casual/mobile games and the traditional content
industry's brands & franchises...

Read Timeline.htm and then MusicMoviesCasualGames.htm

This is NOT ABOUT "Sponge Bob" plus "Collapse" or
"Li'l Jon Golf", but it SORT OF IS...  The digital
entertainment products of the future are hybrids of
image, audio, play features, interactivity and
branding that are NEITHER currently embodied in the
traditional entertainment products NOR standard casual
game modes.

There are ~32,000 records released in North America
every year, only ~100 will be certified as 'hits'. 
There are about ~200 "major budget" feature length
movies released every year out of a total population
of ~700.  Adoption of the casual game format by the
MPAA/RIAA member companies as a key branding and
merchandising strategy could significantly accelerate
demand for 
- creative and technical production services from
casual game studios
- secure, robust management, distribution and
provisioning services from casual/mobile content
distribution platform providers

I invite your replies, comments, anecdotes, examples,
arguments, criticisms, insults, etc. in support of or
against the argument.

Evolve Entertainment Today.

clubvig at yahoo.com
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