[casual_games] Community Functionality

Allan Simonsen Simonsen at rocketmail.com
Sun Jan 29 21:49:28 EST 2006

What community functionality are people looking at

I'm quite curious at where this is going, and how
we're essentially duplicating work provided by other
systems (IM, Mail, Web). However, since our target
audience isn't very tech-savy, they might be quite
happy to do everything inside the same context.

As an aside; are anyone using the SDK's provided (by
Skype, GMAIL, MSN, etc) to build IM or VoiP into their

At what point does your community functions threaten

We're seeing that a lot of distributors are cautious
about adopting community functions; anything that
connects to an outside website is viewed as a
potential leak out of their closed system.

Looking at what the current state of the art in
community systems are :
- Uploading and tracking highscores (seems generally
- Uploading and tracking content (as long as it's
- Tracking user information and ID (across single
title is okay, leveraging it across multi-title seems
a no-no)
- in-game IM/user mail services (similar to what
Mahjong Towers Eternity is doing.. seems to make some
distros edgy).

Anything I'm missing?

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