[casual_games] List Charter reminder

Brian Robbins brian-l at dubane.com
Tue Oct 10 23:30:41 EDT 2006

I'm a bit behind as I try to post the list charter about every 3
months or so. Please try to keep these simple rules in mind as you are
posting to the list so we can maintain the very high-quality of
conversation we have had to date.

Thanks everyone!


The purpose of the Casual_Games mailing list is to facilitate
communication among casual game developers. This list is the place to
share ideas and discuss all aspects of casual game development with
your peers.

While nearly all topics are open for discussion there are a few things that
we specifically discourage:

 * Do not post derogatory remarks about any individual or company.
Criticism is a valid method of communication, but personal attacks or
unsubstantiated claims will not be tolerated.

 * Do not use this list to promote your latest game or your services.
Games and services may be mentioned as a means to drive discussion on
particular points, but this list is not to be used as an medium for

 * Do not post job postings to this list. We realize that many
companies are hiring, and many people here may be looking. We have
created a separate mailing list to serve exactly that need. If you are
looking for a job, or have a position you would like to post, please
do so through the OnlineGameJobs mailing list:

If you are trying to post to the list, but your messages are being
rejected, the most likely reason is that you are subscribed from a
different address than you are e-mailing from. Double-check that your
e-mail addresses match up and try again. If you're still having
problems you can contact us using the information at the bottom of
each message.

Finally, just a reminder on list etiquette. If you are subscribed via
digest please remember to adjust the subject line and trim out all but
the relevant post when responding back to the list.

Brian Robbins
casual_games "list mom"

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