[casual_games] Expanding the Market

Michelle Bushneff michelle at planbenterprises.com
Fri Oct 13 10:38:22 EDT 2006

Always great to glean insight from the ongoing discussions about expanding
the market, payment models, revenue models, conversion rates, etc.

On the topic of expanding the market (more specifically, trying to get
existing customers to spend *more* money) perhaps someone can answer this
question: Where are the online/downloadable non-game applications?

I'm not the only one harping on this point, but you have a captive audience
of adults (mostly women) with credit cards and their purchase/play patterns
have been decoded over and over again. For example:

-- Edutainment products - Women will often spend money on their
kids/grandkids before themselves...
-- Productivity products - Women spend buckets of money on products they
perceive will save time, as opposed to killing time...
-- Lifestyle products - Why no products aligned with evergreen or
trend-driven lifestyle interests?

Perhaps the IGDA is not the appropriate group for this discussion, so if
anyone else has an interest I'd love to connect.

Michelle Bushneff  

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