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Hopefully James C. Smith will chime in with information on how the market
reacted.  In the meantime, though, the Reflexive "Mouse Party" site is at, which includes a list of games that
adopted multi-mouse technology (just technical info there; nothing much
about user feedback).

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I believe the Big Kahuna Reef games supported this.  I have no idea how
audience adoption went.  Does anyone have any info to share?

- DaveR

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I have a friend who has always wanted to play real-time multiplayer
like Air-hockey on the net, but he just can't seem to, at any time of
day or 
night, because he's on a dial-up. And he's been trying that for the past

month. He doesn't want to spend $$$s on a console. He doesn't mind
his mouse over for a friendly one-on-one. But now I'm going to have to
him that he'll have to change his mindset, because nobody in their right

mind would cramp around a PC and do something like that.

After hearing all the counter arguments I have arrived at the following 
conclusion. My firm will be the only one turning out games with support
multiple mice. :-) :-)

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>This isn't a new solution. It's been tried and supported many times, I 
>think even back to my Amiga days. However, you aren't going to get a 
>significant mass of people using 2 or more mice on one computer. Apart
>anything else, there's space considerations, especially when computers
>used at home.
>Having more than one person sit around a computer is uncommon even on
>supporting joypads. People don't want to do this, they want to play on 
>their TV or over the net when it comes to multi-player.
>Some board(ish) games can get away with it, but I'd say that's despite
>game being on PC more than anything. These kinds of "multi-player"
>will become more and more popular on interactive video - such as
>broadband game solutions, and set top boxes.
>Finally, a multi-player game over the net means there is always a game
>be had, day or night. This isn't true on one machine, as much as it's
>fun to shout and rant at your opponent (or is that just me?).
>I do agree with much of what has been written regarding internet 
>multi-player problems, but to some extent they're solvable with
>grouping and design. Several sites out there seem to make a significant

>income with their multi-player web games, put it that way.
>k f wrote:
>>The idea germinated when I first saw some kids at a console and they
>>screaming away at each other in excitement. And I thought to myself,
>>don't I ever see a kid scream when he is playing alone at the PC. And
>>suddenly struck me that it was because he was "alone". The missing
>>was the most important, the "physically present" human opponent. Give
>>kids a crumpled paper ball and they are likely to have as much fun, if
>>more, than sitting at a AAA title.
>>Every time I have tried to log in to play real-time multiplayer games
>>have either been unable to join, because of network lag, been unable
>>play in real-time, or just plain kicked off the server because of 
>>excessive lag. That's hardly the type of multiplayer experience anyone

>>would like to return to for a half hour break. Which is why most of
>>multiplayer games are turn based.
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