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Hi everyone!

My name is Richard van Tol. I just became a member of this list and just missed todays meeting (due to my girlfriends birthday). I'd just like to give a small introduction about myself:

I'm 28 years old and I'm from Amsterdam, Holland. I have an MA in Audio Design and am currently doing Phd research for the University of Portsmouth (while remaining in Holland) focusing on Game Audio Design (and Audio Game Design).
In 2001 I co-developed an audio racing game for blind children called Drive (or Sneller in Dutch). From then on I have been researching and developing (non commercial) audio games, games based on sound, together with Sander Huiberts. We both maintain the AudioGames.net website (http://www.AudioGames.net), which focuses on audio games (including a lot of games for the blind) and which includes the most extensive database of audiogames and audio game literature/research on the web.
I currently work part-time for the Dutch Accessibility foundation (http://www.accessibility.nl), where I focus on digital accessibility such as web- and software accessibility (and game accessiblity whenever the occasion rises). I'm therefore well aquinted with accessibility guidelines such as the W3C guidelines and the tagret groups involved. The most recent presentation about some our audiogames (Drive, The Curb Game, Demor) we gave was at this years ICCHP, in the "Accessible Entertainment"-session. 
I also teach the occasional Game Audio Design lessons at the Utrecht School of the Arts' Game Design course, something I'd wish to extend to a solid course within the Music Technology/Audio Design course.
I am mostly interested in the visually-impaired side of game accessibility, due to my background in game audio design/audio game design, although I am very interested in possible fundamental design principles for accessible games. 
I've been in contact with Thomas Westin for almost two years now, I think, and have been following the GA-SIG (and the recent White Paper) with much interest. 

Well, this is just a rough walkthrough of myself. Hope to get to know you on this list!



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