[games_access] Rating System for accessibility

Barrie Ellis info at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Sep 27 16:28:04 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I recently posted a new thread on the accessibility forum, regarding a 
rating system for game access:

The IGDA "Game Accessibility White Paper" is a very important document. To 
pursuade game developers to read it, and start to implement accessibility 
features, I think the following would help:

. Give specific examples of inaccessible games, and how they could be made 
accessible. These examples should include a good range of different games, 
starting with something simple and well known such as Space Invaders, up to 
a complicated game such as Shenmue. To avoid frightening developers away, 
the importance of even the most basic features should be made clear, such as 
broader difficulty settings and subtitles.

. The work of the AGRIP project should be made known, who may be able to aid 
software developers. Perhaps more people like this will sprout up offering 
their services to add accessibility features.

. For the IGDA and related groups to agree to an up front ratings system for 
Game Accessibility, similar to the age ratings system. This would help 
developers get a grip on the range of accessibility features that could be 
implemented. It would of course help the public too.

Thinking about Space Invaders or any classic game, what accessibility 
features to people think could be implemented?

Barrie Ellis

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