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Damon Trim dtrim at microsoft.com
Tue Aug 16 14:27:04 EDT 2005



I'm not sure how many have seen this or if a thread has gone around, but
this is very cool.  


"Dasher is highly appropriate for computer users who are unable to use a
two-handed keyboard. One-handed users and users with no hands love
Dasher. The only ability that is required is sight. 

Dasher can be driven using a mouse, a trackpad, a touchscreen, a
rollerball, or a joystick - any two-dimensional pointing device that can
take over the role of a mouse. A foot mouse and a head mouse are
additional options. 

It can also be driven using an eyetracker, giving a
completely-hands-free writing system. After one hour's practice, some
users are able to write at more than 20 words per minute using Dasher
with an eyetracker "

Follow the link for more info, movies and a downloadable demo version.  







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