[games_access] GDC 2006 - some thoughts

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Thu Dec 1 03:37:39 EST 2005

What about having hand out CDs? Perhaps we could set it out in folders - 
Audio Games / Subtitled Games / etc. With a read me HTML file, perhaps in 
the style of the writers choice (e.g. Audio Games web-site layout, One 
Switch web-site layout, Deaf Gamers... you get the idea). Perhaps each area 
could have a handfull of accessible games for the attendees to try. If we 
were organised enough, perhaps the presentation segments could be included 
on the disk too?

What do people think?

Also. I'm thinking of approaching a couple of companies regarding the 
accessible arcade. Perhaps they will sponsor us in the form of giving us 
hardware to demonstrate at this show and future shows? Would this be okay to 
have a sponsorship list. I was thinking of tracking down a Crick box for PC 
and some switches. I already have a head-tracker. My stuff will probably be 
of interest, but it's very 'home brew' at present and not easy to mass 


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> Wow! Indeed it is very interesting. I'm going to try and
> track someone down from there to see if they'd like to join
> the SIG and see if we can use some of those customized
> controllers at GDC during the "accessibility arcade" we'll
> be doing during the lunch hour the day we do the tutorial.
> Thanks for sending this!
> Michelle 

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