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Hello Michelle,

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Hi Reid,

Yes, I'm working on the schedule revamp now. During the 
lunch hour we'll have the "accessibility arcade" -- two of 
my students are coming and will help out with the set up and 
running of that. The plan right now is for them to help set 
up a "mini arcade" for the roundtables so that people can 
interact with a couple games while we talk about what makes 
a game accessible.

In addition we'll also have demos throughout the day -- 
the "put on a blindfold" and try to play this visually 
intensive game things we discussed and my students can help 
out with those demos -- they will basically be our "stage 
hands" and make sure the tech stuff runs more smoothly.


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>Seems like we need to come up with a plan of who is 
presenting what
>and when during the day long tutorial session. Here's what 
we have so
>far, but it seems incomplete:
>I'll start with what I plan to do.
>1 projector connected to a laptop or computer that has a cd-
rom or USB
>2.0 connection. I'll present videos of games and show 
images while I
>talk about the state of closed captioning in games, past, 
present and
>future. This will be a standard lecture style presentation.
>For the interactive section (if there is one) I'd like a 
machine that
>has one FPS game with captioning on and one with the same 
game but
>without captioning. People should play the game without 
>first and then play it with captioning. I'm not sure which 
FPS game to
>use yet, there aren't too many choices I have for games 
that have full
>closed captioning.
>On 12/6/05, Thomas Westin <thomas at pininteractive.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> To those of you attending GDC 2006 and the GA Tutorial Day
>> I'd like to get a list of what hardware you need at the 
tutorial day for
>> showing whatever you want to present there
>> Please send me this list no later than Monday next week, 
so I can compile it
>> until our next SIG meeting on Tuesday 13th.
>> Thanks,
>> Thomas
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