[games_access] Accessible Arcade

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Thu Dec 8 03:00:05 EST 2005

Just contacted www.rnib.org.uk and www.afb.org to see if we can borrow any 
blindess simulating glasses kits (if they still do these), to get across to 
developers that blindness isn't simply not being able to see. Fingers 


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> Hi Reid,
> Yes, I'm working on the schedule revamp now. During the
> lunch hour we'll have the "accessibility arcade" -- two of
> my students are coming and will help out with the set up and
> running of that. The plan right now is for them to help set
> up a "mini arcade" for the roundtables so that people can
> interact with a couple games while we talk about what makes
> a game accessible.
> In addition we'll also have demos throughout the day -- 
> the "put on a blindfold" and try to play this visually
> intensive game things we discussed and my students can help
> out with those demos -- they will basically be our "stage
> hands" and make sure the tech stuff runs more smoothly.
> Michelle 

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