[games_access] Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, 20 December 2005

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Dec 20 12:00:58 EST 2005

hi all -- barrie and i are both trying to sign on to MSN
messenger but without luck. we'll keep trying. if you are
online and see someone else you know, please start the meeting
without us!

hope to chat with you all soon!!

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>Subject: [games_access] Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, 20
December 2005  
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>Hello All,
>Just a reminder that the next GA Sig meeting is tomorrow,
>Tuesday 20 December at Noon Eastern Time. For those of you not
>in US Eastern Time, here's a handy time conversion tool to
>find your local time:
>Topic to be discussed tomorrow will be, of course, GDC 2006!!
>This will be our last meeting before people start going into
>hiding over the winter holidays. The next meeting will likely
>be during the 2nd week of January. More on that...later! :)
>As always, we'll be online at MSN messenger -- if you've never
>been to a meeting, please add my MSN ID (vrgrrl at hotmail.com)
>to your friend list and then send me a message around meeting
>time and I'll add you to the meeting space.
>Hope to see many of you there -- new members are always welcome!
>Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
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