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Fri Dec 23 20:36:31 EST 2005

Hi Lynn,

that's a really interesting idea and I just got a small bit 
of funding to look into accessibility, particularly motion 
sensor and game pad technologies, at a lab I work in at the 
University of Illinois. It'd be an interesting thing to 
collaborate on if you'd be interested. We have access to a 
lot of engineering expertise here for the development of a 
prototype. I'm also thinking that some of the drum (as in 
percussion) input devices might be able to be rigged 
similarly -- like the bongos that Nintendo has been using 
for some of their new games like Donkey Konga, only with 
more pads and reshaped a bit.

Let me know offlist if you want to chat more about that 
collaboration -- and of course feel free to chat onlist 
about the technology or anything else. :)

Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

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>I recently joined this list. I´m a school psychologist. 
Although I work mostly with students with mild disabilities, 
I have several students who have multiple disabilities and 
limited mobility and speech.  Traditional switches are used 
with these students so they can attempt to use the 
>I was playing around with a mouse pad and wondered if any 
of you have rigged a similar pad with sensors for game 
access.  I´m thinking of a mouse pad version of a DDR floor 
mat.  >(Sorry for my typos. I´m at an Internet cafe in Costa 
Maya and the keyboard is a Spanish keyboard)
>I think I could program it myself and customise it for some 
of the students I work with.  Any advice would be greatly 
>Lynn Marentette
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