[games_access] GDC 2006 + www.robertflorio.com + Way of the Rodent and Plan B Magzine article

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Fri Dec 23 23:59:28 EST 2005

Also, I think January is not too early to let people know 
that we'll be at GDC, provided with send them a reminder 
when it gets closer. Let's get together a list of companies 
and orgs that we should send an email to.


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>Subject: [games_access] GDC 2006 + www.robertflorio.com + 
Way of the Rodent and Plan B Magzine article  
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>Hi all,
>Making the list more private re. the Game Developer 
Conference presentation 
>is a fine idea. Wondering if it's too early to think about 
promoting our 
>attendence to the big players in January? ELSPA, CESA, ESA 
and the KGDI? 
>(more on these at 
http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/4/games/4campaign.htm ). I'm 
>trying to charm NAMCO's Barrier-Free group into attending 
too. Wish me luck.
>Hoping to get something together with Eric Walker on 
physical gaming 
>barriers and potential solutions, with some mention of 
controllers, software 
>and one switch games. Will be a spoken presentation with a 
slide show of 
>images that many in the audience will not have seen before 
(I hope!).
>Not sure if you've all seen new member Robert Florio's fine 
web-pages on 
>accessible games: http://www.robertflorio.com/games.html  - 
Includes a great 
>video demonstration of the QuadControl mouth and head 
operated controller in 
>use, as well as game reviews for people using this type of 
>Superb work! Welcome to the group Robert.
>Couple of articles published on switch gaming this month. 
One in a 
>left-field UK music magazine "Plan B Magazine", and a page 
on the splendid 
>"Way of the Rodent" retro gaming web-magazine: 
>Barrie Ellis
>p.s. - take a look at the forum too when you get a chance:
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