[games_access] to members from RobertFlorio. Started game's accessibility issue.

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Tue Dec 27 19:27:04 EST 2005

> Hello everyone you don't know me but I am a 23-year-old
> quadriplegic game design student with the Art Institute online
> and a IGDA member.  I wanted to let you know I started a
> thread in the accessibility link in the forms page of IGDA web
> site.  Check it out it is a great issue i'm trying to gain
> awareness and start some great progress toward accessible 
> games finally that i can play.

Welcome to the list, Robert.  I believe Barrie Ellis is on this 
list, and he's the one I'd consider the "big name" in one-switch 


I don't know what sorts of needs you might find in gaming, but 
Barrie has quite a collection built up of games that can be 
played with one button.


(of the various ones I tried, the Swing game listed here:


was my favorite of them...addicting and has a pretty 
understandable format for the level files, making it fairly easy 
to crank out your own levels.  Addicting to the point that I 
forgot I was playing a one-switch game.  Though it would have 
been better on a computer that was a little faster than my old 

He's got links on his site to forums (forae?  fora?  sorry...my 
Latin is a bit rusty) where there seem to be a gathering and 
evaluation of games that can be played with mobility imparements. 
  I'm sure he'd welcome your participation and input (and your 
games if you've made 'em).

Heh, browsing the links you included, I see Barrie was the first 
to follow up on your thread. :)

You'll find a fair bit of diversity on the list, some doing games 
for BVI (blind/visually impared), some for deaf-gamers, some for 
mobility-impared gamers, and some for a more holistic approach to 
the whole area.



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