[games_access] First attempt at the Top 10

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Fri Dec 30 08:22:29 EST 2005

> I had the same overlapping problem, so I'll try updating Adobe
> Acrobat to see if this fixes it.

The overlapping was intentional, but looks much better in the SVG file
than in the PDF output.  The numbers were originally very desaturated,
making them very light--almost watermarks.  However, the PDF output made
them fully saturated, making them more intrusive.  I'll go ahead and
move 'em over.  Jonathan, I'll post the SVG later today when I get a
chance.  I'll put it at


(I'm using WinME on my wife's laptop at the moment, and it's over on the
dual-boot Linux partition, so it's a reboot away at the moment.  If you 
get a "404 Not Found", I haven't rebooted yet :)

> The symbols for easy to hard. Don't know if I'm being oversensitive,
> but

I wondered about this one as well.  So no, I don't think you're being
oversensitve.  I'm just undercreative :)

> Maybe a cartoon representing a game character in a very easy setting 
> with an arrow to a game character in a really tough setting (e.g. 
> bombarded with obstacles)?

Trying to convey that in such a small area can be taxing...especially of
my, uh, less-than-stellar skills in the art department.

Some that occur to me:

* tic-tac-toe to something more complex like chess

* spinning your idea, a guru medatively sitting in lotus-position, to a
grimacing rambo-esque character

* an icon of an angel/nun to a devil

* knife or pistol to BFG ("big freakin' gun")

Other ideas are more than welcome.

> Fine work though. I really like the vast majority of the symbols.



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