[games_access] Roberts thoughts about Tim's game sheet!

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Sat Dec 31 11:50:52 EST 2005

> I'm not really clear what the layout is supposed to be suggesting I 
> guess different uses of one-button clicking for game interaction?

The "Top 10" list is intended to be a handout (or "takeaway") for the
presentation that some of the folks on the list will be making at the
IGDA conference coming up.  The target audience is mainstream
independent game authors, in order to raise awareness of accessibility
issues and give some tangible ways to improve accessibility of the games
they make.  It's not intended to be a "do everything on this list and
*presto*, your game is accessible", but rather a "implementing these
fairly simple ideas will make your game more accessible" list.  There
are other ideas which have been mentioned, but would require a lot more
work on the deveopers' part.  I tried to get a fair sampling of
suggestions that wouldn't overtax a developer, and would cover a broad
range of accessibility needs:  BVI players, deaf players, as well as
mobility and cognitively impared players.

> There must be a second button that has to be clicked in order to 
> activate different things such as difficulty changing, and speed of 
> the game change right?

Of the one-button games at Barrie's site, they are truely one-button
games...usually using time or timing to perform diff. actions.  The game
I mentioned ("Swing") has a bar that swings around a level to gather
coins.  Your one button simply tells the bar to grab the background
pieces in the level which allows you to swing around and change the
angle of your spinning bar.  Kinda an odd description until you've
played it.

> I enjoyed the symbols Turtle to a rabbit.

Thanks.  My wife thought they were cute :)

Take care.


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