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>Hello All,
>I had the opportunity to meet a young man in LA with a disability and it
>has changed my life. I guess we never think about the other guy until we
>are faced with the all consuming fact that, we all live in this world
>together, you're not alone and we really are connected to that universal
>strand. The young man has no arms and we happened to meet by chance.
>I met his father at a LA ATM, we started talking and some how we began
>talking about games and me being one of the first African American Game
>Developers in the country. The boys' father told me his son was an avid
>game player who had all the games but because of his disability he
>played games with his feet. "Evans in the car do you want to meet him".
>We proceeded to the car and I met a beautiful young man very much alive
>eyes bright with interest after his father told him I was a game
>developer. We talked for a while about his love for games and the game
>industry and the fact that he wanted so badly to be a part of our world.
>He wants to develop games for children like with disabilities. We
>finished talking I gave him my card and walked slowly back to my car
>where my wife was so patiently waiting. I told her about my experience
>and I began to cry and I couldn't stop. I explained to my wife that I
>was just at the ATM to get some cash.
>Well, when I got back to Atlanta in my office at the University I had a
>message from Evan. He said, he enjoyed our conversation and our website
>and he will continue working on the game he is developing for children
>like him. He wants to develop games for children with disabilities as I
>said before.
>Well, you know I started crying again in fact I was unable to sleep I
>woke up about 4:30 in the morning and started thinking. Hay! Evan plays
>games with a handheld what better person to design a foot held game
>controller. To make a long story short Evans is now designing a foot
>held game controller for Entertainment Arts Research. You never know
>when diversity will impact you.
>Joe Saulter
>Joseph Saulter AA,BA,MA:CEO
>Entertainment Arts Research
>Chairman American Intercontinental University
>Game Design and Development Department
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