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Hi Joseph,

I'm not sure if you knew this but the IGDA also has a game 
accessibility SIG that I think both you and the young man 
might be interesting in joining. We're always looking for 
new members passionate about making games more accessible 
for gamers with disabilities.

The group info is: 

>games_access mailing list
>games_access at igda.org

Hope to see the two of you active in the SIG! send me an 
email at hinn at uiuc.edu if you have any additional questions.

Michelle Hinn
Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

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>>Hello All,
>>I had the opportunity to meet a young man in LA with a 
disability and it
>>has changed my life. I guess we never think about the 
other guy until we
>>are faced with the all consuming fact that, we all live in 
this world
>>together, you're not alone and we really are connected to 
that universal
>>strand. The young man has no arms and we happened to meet 
by chance.
>>I met his father at a LA ATM, we started talking and some 
how we began
>>talking about games and me being one of the first African 
American Game
>>Developers in the country. The boys' father told me his 
son was an avid
>>game player who had all the games but because of his 
disability he
>>played games with his feet. "Evans in the car do you want 
to meet him".
>>We proceeded to the car and I met a beautiful young man 
very much alive
>>eyes bright with interest after his father told him I was 
a game
>>developer. We talked for a while about his love for games 
and the game
>>industry and the fact that he wanted so badly to be a part 
of our world.
>>He wants to develop games for children like with 
disabilities. We
>>finished talking I gave him my card and walked slowly back 
to my car
>>where my wife was so patiently waiting. I told her about 
my experience
>>and I began to cry and I couldn't stop. I explained to my 
wife that I
>>was just at the ATM to get some cash.
>>Well, when I got back to Atlanta in my office at the 
University I had a
>>message from Evan. He said, he enjoyed our conversation 
and our website
>>and he will continue working on the game he is developing 
for children
>>like him. He wants to develop games for children with 
disabilities as I
>>said before.
>>Well, you know I started crying again in fact I was unable 
to sleep I
>>woke up about 4:30 in the morning and started thinking. 
Hay! Evan plays
>>games with a handheld what better person to design a foot 
held game
>>controller. To make a long story short Evans is now 
designing a foot
>>held game controller for Entertainment Arts Research. You 
never know
>>when diversity will impact you.
>>Joe Saulter
>>Joseph Saulter AA,BA,MA:CEO
>>Entertainment Arts Research
>>Chairman American Intercontinental University
>>Game Design and Development Department
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