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FYI...from the AGDev discussion list. Check out the MP3 file 
of the talk -- interesting discussion! I'll summarize it as 
soon as I get some spare minutes for those who can't access 
it (ok, so the file isn't totally accessible for all of 
us...it was for a vision impairment conference). Might help, 
though, with some of the survey questions for those with 
visual impairments.


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>Hi Folks,
>I visited the OcuSource Expo
>Saturday, June 11, 2005
>10:45 - 11:30 AM
>Accessible Games Discussion
>by Michael Feir
>His talk lasts 47 minutes, and the file is about 21 mb in 
> He talks about several game companies and you are welcome 
to add the file
>to your web sites.
>I was the only other developer in the chat room, so that's 
probably why he
>talked about my company first.
>Or maybe it was because we have had articles in all but the 
first Audyssey
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