[games_access] XBox 360 TCR

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 27 23:27:02 EDT 2005

>>I think we should suggest that they develop game 
>>features into the XBox 360 control panel.
>This is another awesome resource. Once refined, it would be 
great to get 
>this into a more formal looking format (ie, in PDF, with 
logo, etc) and 
>posted to the web, 

Yep -- it's in the works. :) Seems like we have a nice 
whitepaper "mini series" (without the evil twin returning 
from the dead) in the works.

>in additional to actually sending it to MS (I have 
>contacts if needed, BTW).

I have a few contacts but please pass along any that you 
have -- the more the merrier. Also, if you happen to have 
any appropriate Sony and Nintendo contacts we'd like to send 
a similar letter their way.

>Also, once posted, I can see this being mentioned in the 
IGDA member 
>newsletter, etc.



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