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That's right! Here's some more information on the panel that 
Ben mentioned:

Legal Issues, Regulations, and Compliance for Serious Games
Speaker: Ben Sawyer (Cofounder, Digitalmill), Mary Derby ( 
SD Health Technology Innovations/pullUin Software), Edmond 
A. Heinbockel (CEO Visual Purple), Mark Long (CEO Zombie), 
Thomas Westin (Programmer/Interface Designer Pin Interactive 

Time/Date: Monday (March 7, 2005)   2:00pm — 3:00pm

Presentation Description:
Commercial games must survive internal review, press 
reviews, word-of-mouth, and ultimately the market. It's a 
Darwinian environment to be sure, but there are no legal 
restrictions on an entertainment game about hospitals, or 
requirements to log player progress in Civilization for 
later inspection. In the serious games space, however, 
unique legal, regulatory, and compliance issues abound. For 
uninformed developers, it can be a real surprise or 
embarrassment when they're caught not realizing that (before 
market acceptance) other issues may have a say in how their 
game must work. This panel of serious game developers and 
experts highlights the challenges faced when building 
applications for use in specific industries and regulatory 

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>Thomas Westin is also on a Panel at the Serious Games 
Summit to talk about
>Accessibility issues with games which is especially 
important to the space
>since some clients may require as strict compliance with 
508 guidelines as
>That Panel is late afternoon Monday I believe.
>- Ben 
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>Hi Game Accessibility folks!
>For those of you who will be attending the Game Developers 
Conference next
>week, I just wanted to remind you that we have two SIG 
>Wednesday (March 9, 2005)   2:30pm - 3:30pm
>Thursday (March 10, 2005)   5:30pm - 6:30pm
>Also, I'd like to invite those who would be interested in 
getting a bite to
>eat and/or something to drink with Thomas Westin and me on 
Tuesday March
>8th. Meet us at the lobby of the Westin St. Francis at 335 
Powell Street
>(Located 6 blocks from Moscone West) at 6:30pm. I'll try to 
have some kind
>of sign or something but if all else fails, I have reddish-
brown wavy hair
>and a loud-ish laugh. :) We'll stick around the lobby until 
6:45 and head to
>a restaurant from there. Let me know if you need my mobile 
phone number if
>you can't meet for dinner but would like to join up with 
the group later in
>the evening. Email me at hinn at uiuc.edu
>Come to one event or come to all of them -- let's keep 
getting the word out
>about the SIG and about accessibility in games in general!
>See you at GDC 2005!
>Michelle Hinn
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