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Matthew T. Atkinson matthew at agrip.org.uk
Fri Mar 11 17:19:33 EST 2005


This is my first post; I joined with the intention of *not* posting for
a while because I am very busy with University work currently -- and
wanted to start posting only when I could start contributing regularly.
However, seeing as Richard brought up this point I thought I'd post my
reply here, too.

First, though, it might be an idea for you to know who I am :-).  I'm a
co-founder of and lead developer for the AGRIP project [1] which seeks
to make mainstream games for the sighted accessible to blind and
vision-impaired gamers.  Currently we have made Quake and QuakeWorld
accessible.  I also recently set up AGDev.org, with help from a number
of other accessible game developers.

I am confident that at least some of the other developers on AGDev will
agree with what I've said below -- hopefully we can get something sorted
out between our two groups.

Edited version of my reply to Richard, posted to AGDev-discuss:
Hello Richard, all,

Sadly I don't have time at the moment to give this the response that it
deserves, so I'll just say this: Excellent idea! I would be all for us
producing such a questionnaire and getting anyone and everyone to fill
it in. I mean, we could find that the market is huuuuge, in such case
mainstream games companies would be all the more interested.

I suspect that, at least in th UK, the market is largely untapped. I
was shocked (negatively) at Sight Village last year to find most people
didn't even know they could play computer games at all (hence we spent a
large amount of time pointing them towards AudioGames.net and a number
of development companies).

So, yes, this (statistics) is a great idea and I hope we can sort
something out soon.

Unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to act as liaison between
AGDev and the IGDA, but you're welcome to join us.  Currently we are
limiting direct sign-ups to accessible games developers, but we can
certainly nominate one of you guys to join if you like.  Alternatively,
I could try to arrange a contact member within AGDev for you (Richard is
welcome to take the job, but I think he's even busier than I am at the
moment :-)).

I hope to actively contribute to the IGDA after I graduate later this
year; I should have a little more free time then.  There are a few
things I'm really looking forward to discussing.  Until then, please let
me or Richard know if AGDev can help you out.  I'll try and keep up with
discussion here and I look forward to becoming a proper part of your
group in the future!

bye just now,

[1] The AGRIP Project -- http://www.agrip.org.uk/
Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew at agrip.org.uk>

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