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Tue Mar 15 14:49:06 EST 2005

hi reid, thanks for pointing this out! reappropriating 
software is a great way to get the developers to see that 
adding accessibility features to their consoles and games 
may be easier than they think. i had a similar discussion 
with colleagues from microsoft and representatives from a 
middleware product that allows scalable UIs that works with 
xbox (which was pointed out during the second roundtable by 
one of the great conference associates who helped set up our 
roundtable -- and ended up participating! yay!). i think 
that reappropriation examples like this will be a powerful 
part of our book plus advocacy work by our sig. by all 
means, if you have time, email your contact at gesturetek 
and invite them to join in the discussion -- i learned at 
gdc that a lot of these companies don't realize that their 
products could be serving the disabled community as well!


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>Hello all,
>I wanted pass along this website:
>It's free software that allows you to quickly spell out 
words by using
>your mouse to point to letters. I've seen this before but 
>thought of a good way to use it until now. What if 
something like was
>built into videogames, especially ones on the console to 
enable others
>to text chat with each other really quickly. Also, if a 
gamer was
>impaired physically, I hope they could use this system 
using their
>eyes (via an eye tracking device) to talk with others or 
even as a way
>to interface with the game.
>Sony has their EyeToy product that I could really help in 
this area. I
>have a contact that I met at GDC from GestureTek that might 
be able to
>answer questions we may have regarding the feasibility of 
this idea if
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