[games_access] Re: duel navigation? Please could all members voice their opinions?

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Fri Nov 18 09:52:45 EST 2005

> Tab navigates along a line, so is linear, whereas mouse works across
> a plane, so is planar.
> Are there any games out there that already deal with this type of 
> issue?

Well, just as a fer'instance, many of your FPS games.  You use the mouse
to look around in 2d (which usually ends up being spherical rather than
planar, but it's still 2d), and you have, say a pair of buttons for
next/previous item in inventory.  They move along orthogonal frames of
reference (view vs. inventory), so this might not be an ideal sort of
example...but it's got 2d navigation and 1d navigation together.  Some
RPG or RTS games may allow you to navigate the same data linearly and
with a mouse.  In an RPG, it might be having a pair of "next/previous
item in inventory" keys, while having a screen that pops up with a 2d
grid of your inventory off which you can pick your desired item.  The
same thing could hold in a RTS game, where you may have grouped your
troops, and use hotkeys to navigate to your next/previous group, yet
still be able to readily select them with a mouse.

Just a few thoughts.


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