[games_access] Japanese links part 2: NAMCO accessible controller for Playstation 2 etc.

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Tue Nov 22 02:24:40 EST 2005

"Barrier-free Controller for Home Videogames by Namco

This redesigned game pad is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 2.  It has 
oversized buttons and a joystick on it, but also has switch ports for the 
addition of external switches."

I found this info from www.connsensebulletin.com/gap2005.html. However, 
there's nothing on the Hustle-club web-site about this (although if I could 
read Japanese this might help). They told me that no hardware was exhibited 
for this, but there were pamphlets and two people from Namco that could 
speak a little English.

Some more interesting Japanese sites around assistive technology:

http://www.kokoroweb.org/atac2002/tenzi.html (e-ZUKA adapted Playstation 
controller in 2002)
(English translation of bespoke accessible USB controllers 
http://www.p-supply.co.jp/comaid/index.html (stock switches and sensors)

 If only we could bridge the language barrier....

All the best,


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