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I also participated in this survey (but since I work in a non-english 
speaking country, my data was filtered from the results ;). Interesting to 
read that 13% of the people working in the game industry are disabled 
THEMSELVES! Here's a snip from page 18-19 (sorry for the inaccessible 



87% of respondents did not report having a disability. [Fig.9] Of the 
remaining 13%, mental and cognitive disabilities are the most prevalent. 
[Fig.10] This could be due to the fact that the mental and cognitive 
disability categories included common and/or treatable conditions such as 
depression and ADD/HD. Refer to Table 9 for an extended list of example 
disabilities that were provided for each category in the survey.

Table 9: Disability Examples by Category
Sight: Blind or partially sighted
Hearing: Deaf or hard of hearing
Cognitive: Dyslexia, ADD/HD, specific learning disability, autism, etc
Mental: Depression, schizophrenia, etc
Mobility: Paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, ALS, etc

Opinions by Disability

The opinion questions split by disability tend to follow a similar pattern 
to those split by gender. [Table5] In the first four questions, the two 
groups are very close to each other; however, they do diverge on the last 
three questions by a more significant amount. [Table10] Thus, those with 
disabilities also seem to have a more future-minded outlook. They seem to be 
optimistic about the direction in which the industry is moving.




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> Hi all,
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> It is an interesting, and quick (ie, lots of pretty graphs), doc to read 
> through...
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