[games_access] "Top 10" list for GDC

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Tue Oct 25 10:55:53 EDT 2005

I've updated the "Top 10" page with what I feel to be a good
list, though as usual, comments from the peanut gallery are
always welcome :)

You should be able to find the online copy at


but for you who are impatient like myself:

    1. allow all controls (mouse, keyboard, gamepad)
	to be remapped
    2. add closed-captioning for all dialog and important
    3. provide help files in an accessible format
	(HTML or plain-text)
    4. provide variable degrees of aiming
    5. provide a broad range of difficulty levels from
	incredibly simple to difficult
    6. make interface fonts scalable
    7. allow for high-contrast color schemes
    8. add audio tags to all significant elements (actors,
	doors, items, resulting actions, etc) in true
	spatial 3D audio
    9. allow for time-scaling
   10. one more idea here

I'm still looking for a good candidate for #10, my first though
is to make it something like "get out there and do what you can
from this list to make a difference".  A list of ideas is nice,
but not doing any of them fails to benefit anybody.

Additionally, I'm taking suggestions for the format in which to
put it.  A little off-list dialog with Michelle seemed to show
that while bookmarks are nice, fitting all these ideas onto a
bookmark requires a fairly small font.  Don't want to make our
"how to be more accessible" list hard on those with poor eyesight
:)  While some of us have minimal problems with 7-point font, I'm
sure most folks would smack me for trying that stunt.  A full
8.5"x11" piece of paper was a bit large, hard to fill, and kinda
unwieldy in general.  My favorite ideas so far are half-sheets of
paper...either of regular 8.5"x11" or of legal 8.5"x14", making
the final result 5.5"x8.5" or 7"x8.5".  I like the
half-a-regular-sheet for the simplicity, but I like the
half-a-legal-sheet for the asthetic dimensions (it looks and
feels more like a "reference card" sort of sheet)

Comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. are all welcome.  Hey, it's a
wiki...you can even tweak it yourself :)


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