[games_access] "Top 10" list for GDC

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Oct 26 11:40:16 EDT 2005

> 10. Show on your game packaging material that you offer 
> accessibility features.

Excellent idea.  I've added it to the wiki and will start in on a
print version.  I think I'll go with a half-legal "cheat-sheet"
layout unless anybody has great gripes about it.


PS:  Michelle, is there access to paper-colors other than white
for legal-sized stock?  And what sort of color printing method
would be used? (wax, dye, standard inkjet, etc)  Printing on
colored paper impacts some methods more than others...wax color
can print nicely on a variety of colored stock, while dyes and
inkjets can bleed the paper-color a bit.

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