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Here are some more suggestions:

1) I would like to suggest that you add...

- PlayStation (1)
- PlayStation Portable
- Nintendo DS
- N-Gage
- Mobile (Phone / PDA)

... to the list of game platforms mentioned in question "Please select from 
below the game platforms you play games on regularly.". These still qualify 
as "modern" game plaforms, I think. At least, according to media such as 
GameSpot and Edge magazine.

2) I also wonder what "Sega" platform is meant (such as: Dreamcast, Genesis, 
Saturn) in the same question?

3) In the same question: shouldn't there also be a group "arcade"? Since 
electronic games can be divided into computer games, (mobile) console games 
and arcade games? If this survey is targeted only towards "the accessibility 
of electronic home entertainment", maybe this should be mentioned in the 

4) Question about genres: "What genre of games do purchase frequently?". 
What is a training game? I'm having a bit of difficulty with this list of 
games and here's why:
On one hand you have genres: "FPS, RPG, RTS, Sports, Simulation (I think 
Sports and SIMS are 2 seperate genres), adventure, action (whatever it may 
be, still, many people still use this term)". On the other hand you have 
"casual games". I guess training games, like educational games, 
informational games and rehabilitational games are all part of the field 
called "serious games". However, a serious game can be a FPS (for example 
America's Army). So terms like FPS and casual games are, in my opinion, two 
perspectives of looking at games (and therefore, an RTS or a SIM can also be 
an educational game). What do you think?

5) One other note about the same question: it says "purchase". Is that meant 
to be the same as "play"? What is it exactly that you want to know: the 
purchase activity of the player or the games played by the player? Maybe 
split up this question like so: "what genres of games do you play 
frequently" and "how often do you purchase games" and "what genres of games 
do you purchase"?

6) The question "How do you learn of games that suit your needs?" I would 
ask somewhere at the end of the survey. Right now it is an odd one in 
between questions that deal with accessibility issues.

7) I would rephrase "Describe a few main accessibility issues you see with 
mainstream video games today." with something like "what problems do you 
encounter while trying to play a game?". However, this question seems very 
similar to "What difficulties do you have with games?" asked later on 
(especially with my rephrasing). Maybe think about this, what is it that we 
want to know with these two questions?



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I have updated the survey project page on our wiki site with new info
on the survey.


Just click the link on that page to try the new survey. I have added
ALL of the questions I was given. The Cognitive section is very thin
on questions however.

Let me know of any problems, suggestions, etc.

It's getting a lot closer to feeling like a useful survey now, yay!

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